HER 001: no-mind - Sounds of the Hollow Earth
HER 002: no-mind - Fear of Some Birds
HER 003: no-mind - Age of Anomalies
HER 004: no-mind - Every Day a New Year
HER 005: no-mind - Documenting the Decline
HER 006: no-mind - Winter Layers
HER 007: no-mind - Thaw
HER 008a: Robert j Kirkpatrick
- The Book of Musical Patterns
HER 008b: Robert j Kirkpatrick, An
drew Woods & Eric Peacock - Play from the Book of Musical Patterns
HER 009:
Robert j Kirkpatrick - Selections from The Book of Musical Patterns
HER 010:
Robert j Kirkpatrick - Sounds from the Floating World
HER 011:
Robert j Kirkpatrick - Eleven Clouds

Virtual Catalog

Robert j Kirkpatrick - The Curve of the Earth
Robert j Kirkpatrick - not much left
Robert j Kirkpatrick - without chemicals he points

Robert j Kirkpatrick - sketches of pain




For myriad reasons, the main being (no link from here) failing to update our method of remuneration, has shuffled off this mortal coil. And so we return to our roots as part of the Spiral Cage. All the material is here and thanks to the glory of relative links it is all fully functional and working as intended. Our internet service provider remains the same and so there has been little transfer of material. The Spiral Cage blog required some database updating which has been done with the added benefit of the character encoding issues having been resolved. Thus 2013 comes to a close.



the mgmt.


Sometimes the rain is hard to see (9 haiku) from the Eleven Clouds project is now available for download. An essay on the ideas and influences behind the project, as well as more on it's realization can be found in this blog post: Haiku, Mobiles and Earle Brown.



the mgmt.




A few recent changes to report on:

I. A new addition to the virtual catalog from Mister Kirkpatrick: without chemicals he points. This piece was initially released via the Sound Cloud internet concern, which while still available as of this writing at that fine establisment is now being hosted on this site. Please direct the web browser of choice toward this page to download it for yourself: without chemicals he points.


II. Hollow Earth Recordings are pleased to now be hosting the Spiral Cage blog. This blog is the best place to go for information about Hollow Earth Recordings releases as well as writing on various other musics and art forms of interest.


III. Several of the individual releases from the Eleven Clouds project are now available for download. Each of these selected releases features the music in a lossless formats along with much of the associated artwork and additional related material. See the aforementioned Spiral Cage blog for information on each of these releases as well as further updates to this ongoing project. As of this post the following individual releases have been made available for download:

(01) I'm not completing any thoughts.
(02) Skipping Stones

(04) Mid-Spring (rock, breath, 12kHz)
(07) A Closed Letter
(11) ...and yet

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If interested in physical copies of any of the selections from our catalog that remain in print please contact us at the following address. Additionally we are always on the look out for new and exciting music, if you think your music has a place here, please get in contact forthwith.

Electronic mail: mgmt AT HollowEarthRecordings DOT com

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