HER 001: no-mind - Sounds of the Hollow Earth
HER 002: no-mind - Fear of Some Birds
HER 003: no-mind - Age of Anomalies
HER 004: no-mind - Every Day a New Year
HER 005: no-mind - Documenting the Decline
HER 006: no-mind - Winter Layers
HER 007: no-mind - Thaw
HOMO 17: no-mind - Degree Absolute


The no-mind project was started in 2002 or so, really as a result of experimentation with various instruments. Always sound focused and improvised it began as a recording project at the request of those who were curious about what I was producing. It was initially conceived as a project of any number of members working in any combination. What resulted was a solo project that was primarily based around what I thought of as 'state exploration'. Sound events would basically be permuted, added to, elaborated, and generally messed with until something interesting arose. From that slight variations would be explored until the state became unstable. From the recordings of these sessions small amounts of music would be cut out and then released. Almost all of the releases were just a straight virtually unprocessed chunk from a larger session.

As I continued on with this project I lost interest in this formation and thus let the project come to a conclusion. The main idea behind it of a group that worked in various combinations is really the most interesting part to me and that never occurred. It was never meant to be a solo project and thus it could be arrived if those original conditions were ever met. The last two pieces of this project (the final one on the excellent net label, homophoni), pointed the way toward my current musical interests which have continued under my own name. Below I include my original statement of purpose for the project.

Release History

The initial releases were three 3" CD-Rs which were culled from hours of recordings that took place in 2001/2002. The first of these was titled Sounds of the Hollow Earth, from which the name of this label was inspired. These were only made in very small editions at the request of the friends who had wanted to hear them. They were immediately made available as digital downloads at this time. Due to later requests to hear these at CD quality a collection, Documenting the Decline, was made of all three original EPs plus a bonus live processed field recording. The first full length no-mind CD was, Every Day a New Year, which was released track by track throughout 2004 as The 2004 Project. The conceit for this project was to record a piece for each of the seasons of the year. My next cd, Winter Layers, was put out in early 2006 and likewise was a thematic release. In this case each of the three pieces was recorded in one of the winter months. This is the first release to be CD only as compression degraded the sound quality too severely. Additionally it had the most elaborate packaging of any of the releases to date and required physical atoms for this. As a response to this album, in the summer of 2006, the composed piece Thaw was released as a download (though it has later been made physical as a 3" CD-R). This piece was indicative of my evolving interesting into structured improvisation and signalled the end of the no-mind project. I decided that 2006 would mark the conclusion of the project and the final release, Degree Absolute, was put out on the homophoni label. The first piece recorded under my own name, no. 3 (realization 4), appeared as part of the i hate music member compilation.

All no-mind releases are available as lossless downloads with the full artwork available as high quality jpegs. Additionally CD-Rs will be made on demand with the exception of the initial 3" EPs which can all be found on the Documenting the Decline collection. To request on of these or for more information in general send Email to: no-mind AT hollowearthrecordings DOT com

Original Project Concept

The greatest music has the most tenuous notes.
- an old Taoist dictum (via John Tilbury)


no-mind is an improvisation project that evolved out of a concept of computer assisted improvisation. While the computer portion was never realized, the improvisation side yielded results that were worthy of further exploration. Utilizing analog synthesizers, contact mic, various amplified acoustic instruments, live field recordings and electronics all sounds are generated live, and are presented with minimal post processing. The focus is on the sound.


A set of rules was developed for the project described above. While that project was abandoned the rules were continued to be used. Some of these were:
* No beats
* No samples
* No vocals
* No sequences
* Everything must be playable live
* No set ensemble
* Uncertainty is welcome