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An delays

An delay

An delay, the May entry in the Eleven Clouds project, is a set of two 3" cd-rs each containing 20' of music mounted in a 6"x8" mylar pocket. This piece continues the iteration of the Winter Clouds Network Instrument but used in a dramatically different way. The cloud itself has been fairly radically shifted mainly to be gated by an external input which has a certain amount of indetermancy associated with it. But the most dramatic change is that the output of the network is then amplified and played through two Transducers which are placed on the strings of a prepared wire strung harp. The recordings then are the output of the Network Instrument and the Prepared Wire-Strung Harp. In order to duplicate the live experience of the creation of this recording the two discs should be played simultaneously. In the processes of preparing this music for release it was listened to many times in this fashion and the range and variety of the music generated simply by modifying the volumes of the two discs is so vast and fascinating that this was clearly the only way to release this music. Mixes can (and have, see below) be made from this that are completely satisfying and the discs on their own are interesting even if obviously incomplete (note that only the combined audio was audible during the recording process) but clearly the ideal circumstance is to leave it to the listener to mix them as they see fit.

The packaging for this release boldly features the two discs displayed on their own. The discs have been spray painted and due to mixing of multiple paints and the natural errors from spray painting templates, each is unique. The nature of this packaging means that there will be aspects of them that some might consider flaws but in terms of this project are actually features. It probably also should be noted that due to the nature of this packaging it doesn't photograph incredibly well, so the above picture is only vaguely representational.


An delay recording setup


How to acquire a copy

An delay will be sent to anyone who sends a postcard to the address specified in an email that will be automatically sent to you by emailing: andelay AT hollowearthrecordings DOT com. No additional information is needed beyond sending from a valid email address. Note that this is an auto-responder and there is no-one reading or saving these emails. Once you receive said mailing address you should send your postcard, with your mailing address legibly printed on it to the address that you've been sent. All addressees from anywhere in the world will receive a copy of An delay. There is a current stockpile of ten copies waiting to be mailed out. As an additional incentive, these ten sets will contain an additional disc featuring a mix of the two discs. While creating your own mix is still the ideal way to listen to this music, one understands that this situation is not always easy to set up. While one is encouraged to do so, even if it is in software, we will include the artists preferred mix as a bonus with this initial batch. After these have run out discs will be constructed on demand and will include a link to a digital copy of this mix.

These discs are rather time consuming to produce so there definitely will be a finite number of these. As stated above all received postcards will be honored, but the set could go out of print at any point. I can't really foresee making more then another batch of these, unless I get a deluge of postcards, so plan accordingly.


Note: Now Out of Print


Zip archive with lossless audo and associatied artwork and photographs.

download: apple lossless


For more information please feel free to contact us at mgmt AT hollowearthrecordings DOT com.



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