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Vertical Landscapes 1-5/aeolian electrics

For March we have a set of five (5) unique mixed media paintings, photos of which can be viewed above (click each image for a larger photo). These are watercolor paper, prepared with a watercolor wash and graphite before being placed outside in the rain below painted cheesecloth. Post a session in the rain they were brought back indoors, again placed below cheesecloth, and paint was then scattered upon the surface through this cheesecloth. There were various variations to this process: some had the paint scattered on it before being put out in the rain; one of them wasn't put out in the rain at all but was pressed into the puddles of rain and paint on the other paintings and rubbed against the cheesecloth before having paint scattered on it. Each painting underwent a slightly different process that results in a set of clearly related but highly individual pieces. Each of them is lightly mounted on board with a simple cardboard frame that can be retained or replaced at the owners discretion. Along with each painting are paired with two (2) standard 5" cd-r's each containing ~80 minutes of music apropos for listening to as one ponders their painting.

How to Acquire
Obviously there are only five (5) paintings and thus this is an edition of five (5). These individual works will only be given out by hand and only in exchange for some other object. This object can be of any value but it can't be garbage. For instance it could be a bottle of beer*, but not an empty beer bottle, a piece of gum but not a gum wrapper, and so on. "So this is limited to those in the Seattle area" I hear you grumble. Au contraire! The artist will in fact be in the fine cities of Boston and New York from March 13th-22nd and will have these on hand. "So those of us in flyover country are screwed." I hear others grumble. Well, I'm afraid so. For those of you who will be in the vicinity of the artist and wish to get a copy you must locate him at one of the following places, and inquire as to whether any of these pieces are available and if so exchange your object for it. If you run into him outside of these events, inquires are still welcome. Any paintings that remain unclaimed will be available, again by hand, in the Seattle area. We shall keep the status of the paintings up to date on Mr. Kirkpatrick's weblog. This photo of Mr. Kirkpatrick will surely aid in recognition - no doubt he'll still be wearing that hat.


March 14th : Mills Gallery
March 15th : Williams Hall/Brown Hall, Christian Wolff residency at NEC
March 16th : Brown Hall/Jordan Hall, Christian Wolff residency at NEC
March 17th : Brown Hall/Jordan Hall, Christian Wolff residency at NEC
March 18th : Gardener Museum


March 20th : Diapason Gallery, Brooklyn
March 21st : Diapason Gallery, Brooklyn

For more information please feel free to contact the artist at rjk AT hollowearthrecordings DOT com.

* A bottle of Bud American Ale is garbage regardless of its opened status.

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