Eleven Clouds


I'm not completing any thoughts

I'm not completing any thoughts

The first of the Eleven Clouds is a simple 3" CD-R released in a super slim jewel box in an edition of four (4). Created with two interconnected modular synthesizers in an unstable configuration this twenty minute track is an overload of information fragmented at times at others almost overwhelming in its intensity.

How to acquire a copy

I'm not completing any thoughts was produced in extremely limited quantity as per the projects mandate. Additionally it has been stipulated that it can only be acquired in person and thus is not available from us. This limitation is not necessarily applicable to other releases in the Eleven Clouds project please see the specific page for each release for further details.

Note: Now out of print - download below


Zip archives with lossless audo and associatied artwork and photographs.
download: apple lossless, flac


For more information please feel free to contact the artist at rjk AT hollowearthrecordings DOT com.

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