Eleven Clouds


Skipping Stones

Skipping Stones

The second of the Eleven Clouds is a 5" CD-R released in a 6" x 8" mylar pocket with associated postcard. The system used for the generation of this piece was an iteration of the cloud used for I'm not completing any thoughts but if anything even more unstable. While I'm not completing any thoughts can be thought of as the documentation of an unexpected occurrence Skipping Stones is a fully realized instance of what I'm trying to get at with my experimental electronics. The whole piece works: it explores sounds that I find constantly captivating, it has a structure that flows, filled with variety yet allowing for the exploration and iteration of events. There are perhapse an instance or two of uncertainty (it is live electronics after all) but even those I think add to the fragile structure and beyond that there is a stretch in this piece that may be the best five minutes or so I've made to date.

How to acquire a copy

Skipping Stones is made freely available throughout the month of February. To acquire your own copy please send a SASE envelopment to the address specified in an email that will be automatically sent to you by emailing skippingstones AT hollowearthrecordings DOT com. No additional information is needed beyond sending from a valid email address. Note that this is an autoresponder and there is no-one reading or saving these emails. Once you receive said mailing address you should mail a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope of sufficient size to accommodate 8x6 packaging with postage sufficient to cover the weight of one cd. For international shipments if an SASE is impossible please contact the artist at the address below. Any package postmarked after February 2010 will be returned to sender.

Note: Now out of print - download below


Zip archives with lossless audo and associatied artwork and photographs.
download: apple lossless, flac

For more information please feel free to contact the artist at
rjk AT hollowearthrecordings DOT com.

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