Eleven Clouds


47° 32' 25.80" N / 121° 54' 32.0" W

47° 32' 25.80" N / 121° 54' 32.0" W

47° 32' 25.80" N / 121° 54' 32.0" W, the August entry in the Eleven Clouds project, is a single microcassete containing a live recording that took place next to a river in the Cascade foothills in Washington State, USA. For the purposes of this recording the artist used a Gakken SX-150 analog synthesizer, an iPhone running the Oscillator app and recorded simultansouly on a voice memo recorder and a microcassette recorder. Additional sounds were generated using rocks, water and other natural elements in the environment. The primary piece, a thirty minute long improvisation with the aforementioned elements takes up the entire A Side of the cassette. An additional ~15 minute recording was made on the B Side that includes an intro and outro section with the Oscillator app bracketing a performance of Christian Wolff's Stones. A singular entry in the Eleven Clouds sequence, this piece uses several disparete sound sources with a natural mixing element, recorded on primitive devices that add their own sound to the mix.

47° 32' 25.80" N / 121° 54' 32.0" W setup

How to acquire a copy

47° 32' 25.80" N / 121° 54' 32.0" W are the GPS coorinates of the location of where this piece was recorded and where the sole copy of said recording resides. This copy is available to the first individual who recovers it from this location. The album cover art is a picture of the location where it is hidden: in a depression among those tree roots with the rock put in to mark the location. The recording was made under a bridge, on a stream and is thus easily accessible by car, as well as by bicycle (which is how the artist got there). The finder of this piece is free to contact us as to inform us it has been found, or they may of course keep the information to themselves. They are of course free to transcribe the tape and make it available in a digital form, or to keep it just for themselves, secretly. In the spirit of geocaching if after a period of time if the recording has not be found it will be removed.

As an aid to locating the recording, several more pictures of the site have been made available and can be viewed in a variety of sizes here.

For more information please feel free to contact us at mgmt AT hollowearthrecordings DOT com.

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