Sounds from the Floating World (HER 010)

1) Ten Ten Kyoto Overlay..............(10'10")
2) Ryōan-ji (for John Cage).............(13'13")
3) Tokyo Electric.............................(33'33")
4) One Ten Over Kyoto...................(01'10")

Recordings, assemblages and photography by Robert j Kirkpatrick


Track 1: Ten Ten Kyoto Overlay. (download: alac, flac)
Created from recordings made in the streets, parks, temples and gardens of Kyoto, Japan from September 23
rd to September 26th. Assembled in Kirkland WA on January 17th 2009.

Track 2: Ryōan-ji (for John Cage) (download: alac, flac)
Field recording from the karesansui at Ry
ōan-ji Temple Kyoto Japan, made on September 24th 2008. Overlay recorded in Kirkland Washington, on October 4th 2008. Originally released as part of the Listen project on Bagatellen. In Memoriam John Cage.

Track 3: Tokyo Electric (download: alac, flac)
Recordings made in parks, trains, streets and venues around Tokyo, Japan from September 17
th-22nd. Assembled into form in Kirkland WA, April 11th 2009 from a score based on images found via a Google Images search for "Tokyo Electric".

Track 4: One Ten Over Kyoto (download: alac, flac)
Assembled from various recordings made around Kyoto, Japan from September 23rd to September 26th. Assembled into a one minute piece in Kirkland WA on January 10
th 2009. Performed with live overlay for a Seattle Improvised Music Festival benefit.

All of artwork for this release can be found in this zip archive: sftfwArtwork.

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