For myriad reasons, the main being (no link from here) failing to update our method of remuneration, has shuffled off this mortal coil. And so we return to our roots as part of the Spiral Cage. All the material is here and thanks to the glory of relative links it is all fully functional and working as intended. Our internet service provider remains the same and so there has been little transfer of material. The Spiral Cage blog required some database updating which has been done with the added benefit of the character encoding issues having been resolved. Thus 2013 comes to a close.



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Sometimes the rain is hard to see (9 haiku) from the Eleven Clouds project is now available for download. An essay on the ideas and influences behind the project, as well as more on it's realization can be found in this blog post: Haiku, Mobiles and Earle Brown.



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A few recent changes to report on:

I. A new addition to the virtual catalog from Mister Kirkpatrick: without chemicals he points. This piece was initially released via the Sound Cloud internet concern, which while still available as of this writing at that fine establisment is now being hosted on this site. Please direct the web browser of choice toward this page to download it for yourself: without chemicals he points.


II. Hollow Earth Recordings are pleased to now be hosting the Spiral Cage blog. This blog is the best place to go for information about Hollow Earth Recordings releases as well as writing on various other musics and art forms of interest.


III. Several of the individual releases from the Eleven Clouds project are now available for download. Each of these selected releases features the music in a lossless formats along with much of the associated artwork and additional related material. See the aforementioned Spiral Cage blog for information on each of these releases as well as further updates to this ongoing project. As of this post the following individual releases have been made available for download:

(01) I'm not completing any thoughts.
(02) Skipping Stones

(04) Mid-Spring (rock, breath, 12kHz)
(07) A Closed Letter
(11) ...and yet



The last and final part of not much left has been posted, on this that rarest of days. All four parts can be downloaded on the not much left page. A file with the complete four and half hour piece will shortly be posted completing this ambitious project.


Welcome to 2012! We begin this year continuing with the not much left project. Part two was uploaded late in December 2011 and part three, the first recording released here in 2012, went live today. The fourth and final part will be posted sometime in February completing the project. All the current pieces, in lossless formats (both Flac and Apple Lossless) can be found on the the not much left page.




Since there are now multiple web only releases hosted on this site, we now also include a simple set of links to those below the catalog.




Hollow Earth Recordings is pleased to present the archive for Robert j Kirkpatrick's web released not much left. This is a major longform piece that is being released in four parts over multiple weeks. The first part is now up for download in lossless formats and can be found on the not much left page. The parts of this piece are auditioned on SoundCloud and then archived here. Updates on the status of the project can be found on Mr. Kirkpatrick's weblog.


A new subpage has been added for Robert j Kirkpatrick's latest project, The Curve of the Earth. The Curve of the Earth is a large scroll formatted graphic score that is used as an overlay to a live electronics setup. The score calls for its realization to occur in performance (loosely defined) and this page will be a documentation of the first realization. For more information, archives of performances and forthcoming performances check out the The Curve of the Earth page.




The initial run of Sounds from the Floating World is now officially sold out and lossless versions of the release has been put up for download. As with most of our releases, on demand copies can be made for those who'd prefer physical media which of course is always preferred, but especially for this releases in which the associated artwork is a major component. The downloads and other information are all to be found on the Sounds from the Floating World page.


For Hollow Earth Recordings eleventh release Mr. Kirkpatrick has chosen to create eleven (11) individual releases each one in absurdly small quantities. Eleven Clouds, the name designated for this project, will attempt to make available one of these creations for each month of 2010 with the "extra" month being some sort of summation of the entire project (perhaps the long awaited artist statement?). Regarding the eleven I need speak no further, but what exactly are clouds I hear you ask. Well we will probably all have to wait for the aforementioned artist statement for the definitive answer but I have been informed that a cloud is a particular configuration of the "network instrument". As for the "network instrument" well see above, but we do know that it is an electronics setup one that apparently can be configured in different ways. So yes each of these clouds will be the sole documentation of a unique live electronics setup.

Each cloud will be presented only as a physical object with various associated material. As this project will be our primary concern for 2010 we shall keep this post active updating below as each new entry is made available. For further information see the main Eleven Clouds page. It should be noted that the releases are put out without copyright and the recipients said release are free to do whatever they wish with it including copying it, using it as material, re-selling it, putting it up for download and so on as long as the original attribution is retained.

Eleven Clouds

(01) I'm not completing any thoughts. (January 2010, 3" cd-r. Edition of 4)
(02) Skipping Stones (
February 2010, 5" cd-r. Available throughout February)
(03) Vertical Landscapes 1-5/aeolian electrics (March 2010, 5 Paintings w. 2x80' cd-rs.)
(04) Mid-Spring (rock, breath, 12kHz) (
April 2010, 3" cd-r.)
An delay (May 2010, 2x3" cd-r. Edition of 16)
(06) 100 Black Kites (June 2010, box of assorte
d items. Edition of 1)
A Closed Letter (July 2010, 3" cd-r.)
(08) 47° 32' 25.80" N / 121° 54' 32.0" W (
August 2010, micro-c60. Edition of 1)
(09) Fugue State (September 2010, 5"
cd-r. Edition of 12)
(10) Sometimes the rain is hard to see (9 haiku) (October 2010, mini-cd-r edition of 9)
...and yet (November 2010, Edition of 11)




We are pleased to announce the immediate available of our tenth release: Sounds from the Floating World. This compact disc contains four tracks assembled from recordings that Mr. Kirkpatrick made in the parks, public transportation, gardens, temples and various other venues in the environs of Tokyo and Kyoto Japan in the fall of 2008. The pieces contained within are examples of what the artist refers to as assemblages and overlays. An overlay is a field recording which is used as a sound source for a new recording along with an additional performance. An assemblage is a piece constructed from field recordings to form a new narrative in which this individual recordings are single elements, sometimes layered, sometimes allowed to play out on their own. The compact disc comes packaged in a vinyl sleeve allowing it to present the artwork in an ideal five by seven format. Each of the three major pieces on the compact disc have an associated photograph which can be best appreciated in this format. For additional details on the pieces and their associated art please see the Sounds from the Floating World page.

Considering the integrated nature of the artwork and the music a physical copy of this release is the ideal way to experience it. Thus this release is being initially offered as a limited run CD-R with handmade packaging by the artist. As with all of our releases it will be made available for download, in this case after it has gone out of print. As per the artists intentions these will be sold for little more then material and shipping costs: US$5.00 domestic, US$7.00 international. For inquiries or to order via PayPal please contact us at mgmt AT HollowEarthRecordings DOT com or use the PayPal buttons located on the Sounds from the Floating World page.


Thanks to the diligence from users of the scores which was then followed by some careful scrutiny by yours truly several errors in the downloadable versions of the scores have been discovered. One page in the
Pools of Sound was in the incorrect location and, more damming, portions of several of the Cluster Templates were cut off. These have all been replaced with corrected versions in all of the various downloadable forms. If you have previously downloaded the complete PDF or the individual Cluster Template archive please replace those with the corrected versions located as ever on the downloads page. Please bring any other errors, clarifications or other errata to the the attention of the mgmt.

The mgmt is pleased to announce that the The Book of Musical Patterns is finally complete. This project has been over two years in the making and while it has been a lengthy process the time has been well spent. The initial genesis for these scores was the score for Thaw
(HER007) and to create material for the Seattle Improv Meeting for whom the book is dedicated. Over it's development cycle the book expanded from it's initial concepts of algorithmic based patterns to utilizing six diverse structural concepts to generate fifty unique scores along with a set of ten mutators that can transform any score into a new entity. Throughout the entire process of creating these scores, rules and instructions they have been vetted by the members of the Seattle Improv Meeting working first from single printed out scores and for the last nine months or so the first test printing of the book. Without their valuable contributions in bringing out the music contained in these abstract patterns the book would not be what it is today. Many of these scores, especially in the initial sections were made with the Seattle Improv Meeting in mind, though of course not exclusively for them. The scores are general, abstract and for muscian and non-musician alike.

As is the philosophy behind Hollow Earth Recordings the The Book of Musical Patterns is available for download in PDF format. Additionally all of the associated recordings are available for download in lossless and compressed formats. The book and recordings are also available in physical media made on demand. The book is printed at 11x17 which is the ideal size for interpreting the scores and is the recommended size if you do choose to download and print them yourself. Note also that this book is released without copyright and you are more then welcome to record them, to copy them and to perform them at will. The only restriction is that you can't sell the scores themselves or misrepresent their composition.

Call for Submissions!
The mgmt wishes to extend our copious server storage capacity to hosting any and all recordings of these musical patterns. It is our goal to have multiple recordings of every page utilzing a myriad of sounds, timings and interpretations. So if you record a realization of one of these scores please send us a recording or a link to it. See here for more information on submitting your recording.


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