Hollow Earth Recordings, the imprint on which the no-mind project has put out it's recordings, is relaunching as a open net-label. Focusing primarily on sound oriented works with no restrictions on construction, format or sounds used, the criteria is one of interest. All recordings will be available as lossless downloads and as on-demand CD-Rs. The focus is on the music with no emphasis on collectability, investment, artificial scarcity, style over substance and so on. Presentation is important and a minimum standard is expected, however the degree is up to the artist as is design, content, information &c. As with the audio associated art will be available in the highest quality format that facilitates the artistic endeavor.

In an era where all music is available with a modicum of search and the traditional channels of distribution are more litigation then music I think the role of the label needs to be reevaluated. Prior to the 20th Century music had to rely on many different forms of support to be made and now in the 21st Century we find that situation has returned. Additionally with the ease of online distribution there is now such a wealth of material that it is impossible to hear it all even within a narrow field of interest. Combine this with the collapse of the traditional gatekeeper roles and it is clear that new models will have to be formed. As of 2008 it is clear that independent producers can work as new gatekeepers with word-of mouth and simple anouncements in relevant locations sufficing for publicity. It is with these methods that those who make music that they want to be heard can put out their material and have it be found by those who want to hear it. That is the goal of this endeavor and this website: to put out the highest quality music for those who want to hear it.

If you think your music has a place here, please get in contact:
hollowEarthRecs AT gmail DOT com

-the mgmt

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